03 February 2010

What does Handicap This mean to you?

By John Frisco

To me, Handicap This! means no limitations. Mike epitomizes a severely handicapped young man. Stricken with severe cerebral palsy from birth, Mike has limited use of his body, yet he has successfully challenged those who claimed that “he would not be able to talk or lead a normal life”. Certainly his life is not normal, but Mike embraces and celebrates his life’s challenges and continues to go far beyond his so called “expectations”.

The play’s message is clear: We all have our handicaps; perhaps not as invasive as Mike’s affliction, but we all tend to put limitations on ourselves, thus thwarting our own progress in life. In Handicap This!, Mike shows us that despite the “challenges” we may face, we can go
beyond our personal handicaps and boundlessly live life to its fullest.

This play is a celebration of life and an inspiration to us all! May we all improvise, adapt and overcome!

I hope everybody can come out and experience this incredible production!

See you at the show!

January 21st @ 2pm

January 22nd @ 8pm

January 23rd @ 8pm

Oakton Community College, 1600 Golf Rd.

Studio One

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