25 February 2010

Food and Strange Impulses In Dim lit Rooms.

The other night I was at dinner with my my family, enjoying Chinese food. For some reason I was very reserved and inwardly searching and listening to my hearts cravings. The resturant was very dim in lighting and I didn’t have my glasses so it was hard to make out people’s faces from a distance.
But as I looked over to my right there was a man sitting alone, he seemed to be in his own world. He was there, but yet somplace else. It really defined being in two places at once. I don’t think this man was married, because rarely see a married man eating alone without his wife or kids, unless he’s away on bussiness.
Anyway, I think this man and I glanced at one another a few times. But I started to wonder why people often go to Coffee shops by themselves, even if they look occupied with their laptops or cell phones. I think that most people go to simply not be alone and be around others. Even if we don’t know a thing about the people around us.
As I was sitting there though I got this impulse, to maybe invite the man over to our table, or to go over to him. But I ignored the impulse, probably to prevent myself from looking foolish. Wouldn’t it be something, if I actually did take a leap of faith and approach the man. All to find out that my impulse was wrong?
I mean, In Bible College we had to go out and share the message of Christ with three people. And that was the most awkward set of experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life. And in honesty I’ve kind of shyed away from going out and making it a point to evangalize my faith.
It just seems so fake to me, probably because so many others do it all over TV. But what if my impulse was something of divine inspiration and as a result, I would then have missed a chance to share hope with someone? I guess I’ll never know. But I supposse it’s sometimes to be foolish, then let certain moments pass us by.
Moral of the story? Next time you see someone alone.. Maybe take a chance, ask them to eat with you.. Or drink Coffee together. And if they say no to you, at least you were being true to yourself. I’ll do my best not to make that mistake again.

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