26 February 2010

A Holistic Approach to Pain Relief

Can pulsating electromagnetic field therapy be the solution to your chronic pain?

Many physicians are now referring pain sufferers to non-drug based therapies in order to reduce drug dependencies, invasive procedures, and/or side effects. The challenge has been to find the least invasive, affordable, non-toxic approach that is easy to administer with verifiable results.

One of the fastest growing methods of natural pain relief is Pulsating Electromagnetic field therapy. Used by doctors, trainers, and for personal use, over 400,000 sessions with results are a testament to its power. This safe and effective modality is used for accelerated therapeutic purposes with a wide range of conditions including injuries, chronic pain, neurological conditions, and more. By applying PEMF, cellular functions can be improved considerably, and therefore this procedure is being used as a means of drug free therapy.

Hospitals use PEMF therapy to accelerate the healing of fractures which can be treated even through a plaster cast, since magnetic fields permeate all materials. There have been over 2,000 double blind tests performed on PEMF therapy showing positive results. Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, Wash. conducted a double blind test for migraines using PEMF therapy with positive results of 75 percent showing decreased headache activity.

From clinical experiments we know that PEMF can reduce pain sensations almost immediately. When cells are toxic, degenerated, or damaged, the cell membrane gets thick and stiff; therefore, the electrical and chemical receptors don’t function properly. During a PEMF session when the pulsating field reaches the cells, the cell membranes are exercised and they become more flexible and more vital like they were when they were younger and healthier. The cells expand; fresh nutrients and oxygen rush into the cells. The cells then contract and push toxins out. As a result, the cells are cleansed and refreshed.

We can also think of PEMF as a battery recharger for the human cell. We now know that the voltage of a healthy cell is about 70 millivolts, and when we get sick that voltage can drop to as low as 30 millivolts or lower in the cases of terminal cancers. Pulsed electromagnetic fields act like a catalyst and battery recharger for the human cells and these PEMFs are critical for human metabolism

All types of cells respond: muscle cells, blood cells, brain cells, and bone cells. Why? The magnetic field “permeates” all cells in the body simultaneously down to the last molecular level—reaching parts of the body that cannot be influenced efficiently with other methods for the purpose of enhancing ion exchange, cell voltage, normalizing circulation, and increasing the oxygen utilization of the cell. Acute and even chronic conditions may disappear completely.

Just as with medications, there are precautions to take with PEMF therapy. It should not be used with electrical implants, pregnancy, seizures, or prior to surgery. Unlike some medications, there are no harmful side effects.

If cells do not receive the PEMFs of the earth, they die within hours. Human beings, as well as all earthly life forms, are somehow energetically attuned to the weak background magnetic field of the planet. The earth emits a magnetic field, but you may not realize that this magnetic field changes with time and has a very precise frequency and intensity that drives all life on planet Earth. Much more than a simple directional guidance for birds, bees and human navigation, this pulsed electromagnetic field of the earth is the catalyst, the very spark of all biochemical reactions occurring in life forms. We as humans need these pulsating magnetic fields not only to be healthy, but to actually stay alive!

NASA scientists observed a new, previously unreported illness experienced by a number of the first astronauts. This illness came to be known as “space sickness.” Eventually, a decreased exposure to the earth’s magnetic field was found to be responsible for space sickness.

Since those historic flights zero field studies, experiments done in chambers made of a special metal called “Mu,” which blocks all magnetic fields of the earth, have confirmed that living cells will die within hours if they do not receive the PEMFs of the Earth. That includes human cells. So PEMFs are as much a required element of health as food, water, oxygen, and sleep. In fact you can live longer without food and water than you can without PEMFs.

Because of the Earth’s weakening magnetic field and the steel and concrete structures we inhabit, we are not getting the full benefit of the earth’s electromagnetic field. We are also being exposed to more high frequency electromagnetic pollution today then in past years. This comes in the form of computers, TVs, cordless phones, cell towers, and cell phones just to name a few.

Thus, PEMF devices are more applicable now than ever before. Who wouldn’t want to get your millivolts up? It is fast and easy and if you can find effective pain relief and healing without drugs—why not? The technology is restoring vitality and hope creating a large impact in today’s world.

Robin Mize is a Certified Stress and Pain Specialist and a proud member of the Sandpoint wellness council

You can reach her by email at mizewell(at)gmail.com, on the Internet here, , or by phone at 208-263-8846.

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  1. Thankyou for the comment above. Having been in chronic pain for many years and finding p.e.m.f therapy, specifically a per2000, I can say I had immediate relief from years of sciatic pain. 3 years later I am better health and only pain from new injuries. I can definitely say p.e.m.f. therapy cured me