17 February 2009

There's Always Someone Worse Off Then You

I was reading in my local paper today, so many tragic things happening all over .I know I've been asking for advice and very few comments from those others for whatever reasons ?The ones who have responded are becoming my friends and I am listening to there suggestions.
I realizeI am fortunate to be as non -restricted as I am.I was reading about a little girl in my home town who is missing 2 days ,I can't imagine how her family is coping .So many times we only see our own situation I know I've struggled with Cerebral Palsy all my life ,knowing my future would not be average or high degreesand or jobs and for many years I was bitter >Today I realize so many other people have less or are going through loss,grief or tragedy far greater then I will or have gone through.
For the families and loved ones in harms way or those who are afflicted with hardships I pray and a higher power to bring all those suffering answers and peace to their particular situations. I was at a regional center meeting and I was really cold 48dgr's outside and the air coditioner was on !I was having shivering and my hands were trembling ,this was an orientation meeting to be accepted into a developmental disabilities program.I saw parents of children and I felt like crying .I know the battles my parent went through with me and also the social perception of a differently- abled child.I am so lucky to just be inconvenienced by my Cerebral Palsy ,I function moderately well and educationally well that's another story.My point to all this is I recently had to realize my goals and dreams are going ahead one day at a time.I now wake up more positive in just today.Sure I can't afford to go out or get my teeth fixed but maybe next month at least I have teeth and maybe soon someone will guide me to where I can do my music and afford to be on my own .Some have been taken away too soon and some just need much more then I to just have a meal once a day I am doing all I can for today

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  1. Great Post, There really is someone worse off than yourself. Keep up the good work!!