22 February 2009

Eureka we found the source of the pain

Well we finally found the source of my leg pain at last, I went through to see Mr Papastefanou on Friday about my back and leg pain and unfortunately I have to have further spine surgery. I virtually spent the whole day at the hospital and by the time I got home I was shattered. Anyway I had to go for a set of new x-rays so that he could see what was going happening, it surprised me somewhat in that considering the constant changes in technology that here we are 6 years on and they were still using the old (or at least what I call old) x-ray method. I had one full length one and a side view; I have to say I was interested to see what my back looked like after 6 years.

When I got back to see him we compared the x-rays with those I had in 2005 and there was some significant deterioration with the one remaining disc that wasn’t part of the original surgery, so much so that I have to have the disc removed and have it replaced by an artificial disc, I was a bit shocked at first but then on the other hand I was relieved that we had found the reason for my pain. I now have to wait for a date to have an MRI under aesthetic as I don’t like MRI’s the noise they make makes me very jumpy so it can be hard to get the scan done, so this time at least I will be asleep and then after that we can discuss the full extent of the damage and plan for the surgery.

What is an Artificial disc replacement

Artificial disc replacement (ADR) is a device or implant used to replace a diseased or damaged intervertebral disc. After removing what’s left of the worn out disc, the ADR is inserted in the space between two lumbar vertebrae. The goal is to replace the diseased or damaged disc while keeping your normal spinal motion. Artificial disc surgery is relatively new in the United States but has been used in Europe for many years.

I will be posting about my new journey as it happens.


  1. Click link below to read interesting article about Artificial Disc Replacement

    Artificial Disc Replacement

  2. Hi Tracy,

    Thank you for sharing this article, I found it very interesting and have also looked at a couple of videos on Youtube about it.

    I dont know how common a surgery it is over here as the couple of articles I have looked at have been from US.

    It is going to be an interesting journey to say the least just hope I wont have to wait too long

  3. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.