05 July 2009

Finding a lasting love Over looking the difference

I'm amazed something so simple,like finding a female friend, who is as black and white as I am ,who accepts a person for who he is not a comparison to Tom Cruise or their last boy friend who was the life of the party and the "Bad" boy appeal that women (many ) seem to go for ,then wonder why they cheat on them or control them.
Being a Guy with a few obstacles due to being born with Cerebral Palsy ,I know I'm no Hunk!Yet I have managed on my own with little or no assistance from GOV. I have always worked and been a sole bread winner . working to provide all I can while significant others did their own thing mostly took advantage. But people who see those of is (differently abled) doing everything to be a part of "normal" society.See strong capability,what they seem not to understand is the tremendousamount of energy we exhaust physical,mentally and emotionally to minimize our challengesthus after a while we begin to crash.When the Once strong and cabapble is now showing some need for spousal help .which should be their anyway yet most women compare to the average mans ability . not to the Challenged persons" ability of ease.
For those people who are empathetic to the difficulties in relattionships of the differently abled I apreciate all you do .I am one who never gives up hope .I Know someday I strong ,attractive (inside ,outside) woman ,a queen shall appear sometimes I just need a push in the right direction and confidence to not worry about what "if"

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