03 July 2009

Disability Advisory Group part three

Theatre Group
Come along to a Theatre group for adults with disabilities on a Tuesday from 4.30 till 6pm at Rievaulx resource centre Rievaulx Avenue, Billingham. Cost-£1.50
For more information please call 07728382442 or email amy.Stubbs@stockton.gov.uk

Childcare Consultation

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council has a duty to ensure there is sufficient good quality childcare across the Borough to meet the needs of parents and carers, and their children, and which supports the wider social and economic development of the town.
To meet this duty The Children and Young People’s Strategy Team are carrying out consultation with parents/carers of children with disabilities and/or special needs to determine if there are any gaps in childcare provision and to identify any barriers to take-up of formal childcare.
Questionnaires have been handed out to parents for completion at various events/venues over the last couple of months. Once all questionnaires have been received the findings will be analysed and the results fed back to parents via various channels.

I would like to thank all those parents/carers who have already completed and returned questionnaires.

Childcare Business Support Manager
Phone: 01642 527208

Independent Living

The Council’s Independent Living team have updated their website to include details of different services and groups available as well as a News and Events page. To access this choose I for Independent Living from the A-Z of services. Or for more information contact the Independent Living team on 01642 527056 or email: Independent.Living@stockton.gov.uk

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