14 June 2009

The Power Pumper is Revolutionizing Physical Therapy

Revolutionary Mobility Device Finds Success With Children And Therapists...What is the secret behind motivating children and encouraging them to participate in their therapy? The secret is the Power Pumper. Therapists have found the Power Pumper to be a major factor in helping children successfully accomplish their therapeutic goals. Children overwhelmingly embrace this new mobility device because they see it as engaging in fun, not therapy. Children are instantly attracted to it because of its "cool" design. Riding the Power Pumper is so enjoyable they do not want to stop. As a mobility device that exercises both upper and lower extremities, it has proven to be effective in increasing muscle strength, endurance, extremity development and motor coordination. These are just a few of the positive results seen in children when implementing the Power Pumper into their therapy sessions. Because it is influential in changing a child's attitude towards therapy, along with the results it produces, therapists using the Power Pumper consider it a "must have" mobility device.

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