25 June 2009

Complexities of Human Nature

Recently, I have been subjected and exposed to spending time with a specific group of people whom, I’d really rather not keep company with at all. But, because I had no other choice; and, because I do my emotional home work to look beyond all past experiences, I did my utmost to make good out of an on-going, negative, one sided, opinionated event, so I agreed.
However, in spite of all my hard work, and my good-naturedness, I was conversely made to be the enemy. I was conversely used and taken advantage of solely so my company could achieve their means to there end. Once again, these experiences have taught me another life altering lesson. Whether they have been immediate family, or sheer acquaintances, I have learned once again that there aren’t two people in this vast universe who see things exactly alike.
There is a much larger, grander issue here. This issue concerns a comfort level of ordinary people with those with disabilities, stepping out into full and self-directed participation in life. This issue is not something everyone is use to. This concern is at its root, a fear of having to approach events with honesty and directness. The facts of our lives require a forthrightness most of society has abandoned. Most of the world conducts itself with comfortable, passive, banality. People would rather not be reminded that the world is more complex than they would like to believe.
Thankfully, our achievements have broken down the old out-moted views which seemed to be comfortable for most. In everything we say and do, we are forcing the world to understand that disability does not mean isolation in comfortable seclusion. Nor, does it mean, to directly hurt someone in pursuit of a goal. Rather, we are stretching body, mind, and spirit towards our place in the sunshine.

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