02 May 2010

Fire and Water

Hey Guys,

I have returned from my vacation in Portland, it was awesome. I visited my friend Garret, slept in a room full of books and movies. Slept on a Memory Foam Mattress, which was pretty comfy. For the first time I learned how to cut things with a knife, make rice and a whole bunch of other stuff. Also I did a whole bunch of dishes, which is some what of a therapy for me. Weird huh? Portland is a very beautiful place, it thrives with artists of all kinds, the trees are massive and very green.
I miss it so much, it was cool waking up to community everyday. People who do life together everyday, share struggles, food and laughs together. I’ve made some really awesome new friends while being there, I’d share a lot of the beautiful moments that I had there. However they will be saved for the new book, which is going very well. Wrapping up chapter one sometime this week.

Counseling is going well, though I’ve only just started , it’s cool to have a safe place to go to. Being in Portland lit a fire in my heart. I have an ache in my heart for the outcasts in this world, ones that have fallen through the cracks in life.
I’m tired of seeing life being wasted, people going through life without passion. To some people life is just life, a event in which we live, do are thing and that’s the end of it. And if I may say so, that is very sad. It breaks my heart. For me, in my understanding, once your dead, your dead. You cannot have a repeat.
In the movie brave heart, there’s a line that goes like this: I DON’T WANT TO LOOSE HEART, I want to believe as he did.”

I want to live my life, knowing that when that last breath leaves my body, I will know that I poured myself out like a drink offering. For the last handful of years I’ve had a vision of teens and young adults throwing notebooks on the ground one by one. In each of these notebook was the story of each young life. I’d love to give every young person a chance to share their story with the world, not in terms of publication. But as a way to leave something beautiful behind. I’m not sure how this would happen, however it is something I’m willing to give my time too.
I LOVE you guys, take it easy and live wide awake.

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