26 January 2010

Such a young life…

This morning I was checking my Google home page, and one of the news links read that a 4th grader committed suicide. I clicked on the link automaticly, and started reading. As the story goes the young boy was hospitalized for reasons Un-known, he had told his nurse that he needed to use the restroom, so the nurse escorts him and lets him have some privacy. There’s a bit of verbal communication, and pretty soon then after, nothing but dead silence. The young boy locked the door and young himself.
The nurse grabbed a key, unlocked the door and did the best she could to revive the boy. But it was to late. My heart is in my stomach right now. Nine years old is just not exceptable, at all. An neither is any suicide, I don’t condone it nor will I EVER! I can’t tell you how upset I am today after reading that piece of news. My heart goes out to the family, I wish that I could contact them in some way. Further more, my heart aches for the nurse that found him in his fallen state.
Forgiving herself is the last thing she wants to do, but I pray she seeks the process of healing. Life is so fragile and when another human life is placed in our hands, we do our best to uphold guardianship over them. And as cliche as this sounds, were human, were not perfect and we all miss the mark. But that’s not enough to put an end to pain. Dealing with our of pain is ever so painful, yet needs to be transparent all the more.
So many people in this world think that Heaven is just wishful thinking, I’ve been there myself. However in my heart I know that the grand creator has scooped this child into his arms and carried him into a world where only tears or joy are allowed. Were love is present always. It just sucks that this poor boy never got to experience life to the fullest.
In the midst of so much cultural issues like going green and taking care of the needs of the poor, it’s still hard to tell what’s going on in ones mind. I’m not sure what it’s going to take to put up a real fight against the demon of Suicide..

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